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Here, you can know the products we are ready to offer to you and your business. We have four products ready to work for you.

Digital Comunication

Comunnique - E-mail marketing, Mobile-marketing via SMS, VoIP telephone service (call worldwide), video-conference... There are several services and companies that offer these possibilities. But why don't you centralize all solutions in a single unique platform?

The Comunnique is a unified system of digital communication that allows you to manage all these solutions in a practical way with low costs.

Financial Management

Contta - Manage accounting activities is an important process for the financial health of any individual people or company. But this process is therefore often overlooked due to difficulty.

The Contta, our accounting tool, was developed considering the specific cases from anyone. It has features that meet the entire process of managing corporate accounting as cash flow, incoming and outgoing revenue, tax accounting and payroll.

There is also a module for personal accounting. So you'll never be surprised by spending that appeared at the end of the month.

Content Management

Controlle - Our tool for content management allows you to create web applications and manage their content quickly and easily.

If you want a website, blog, wiki or forum, but don't need or don't understand all the features of complex CMS, Wordpress, Media Wiki and phpBB have, maybe our solution is perfect for you.

Developed under MVC (Model - View - Controller) methodology, Controlle allows easy customization of look and features.


Comerciallize - For any business that main activity is trade of product commerce, to have a good tool for e-commerce will help to obtain a great success.

With the knowledge and experience of having built several commerce sites, we developed our tool for e-commerce. The Comerciallize is more than a simple tool. A complete platform for e-commerce is available for any type and size of business.

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